• Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your class.
• If you do not sign in 3 minutes before class, your spot will be released to members who have been waitlisted but are present at the studio.
• After the doors are closed and class has started, there is a 3 minute grace period to enter the
studio. No one is allowed into the class after the 3 minute grace period, even if you were in studio earlier.
• Your booking will be considered a No Show and will not be refunded to you.
• All cancellations have to be made at least 6 hours before class for the credit to be refunded to
you. Cancellations within the 6 hour window will be deemed a late cancellation and a class
credit will be deducted.

• All customers are only permitted to have 1 account with us. This includes members who use  Third Party Booking systems (e.g. Classpass) as well as have an active package with us.
• We reserve the right to terminate duplicate accounts without notice or refund.
• Only the owner of the package can use the credits in their account to attend classes.
• Should you book a class and someone else turns up, they will be rejected and your booking will
be considered a No Show and will not be refunded to you.
• This applies to all users including those using Third Party Booking systems (e.g. Classpass)
• We reserve the right to request for your ID for verification.
• All member accounts need to be filled out and the electronic liability waiver signed before we
can grant you access to attend the class

• Sharing of packages will be in accordance with our monthly package terms & conditions, to be
stated at point of purchase.
• Number of classes per person within a sharing package cannot be predetermined and will need
to be managed by the customers themselves.
• Sharing the package after the date of purchase will incur a $20 admin fee.
• Validity of shared packages remain the same.
• We do not allow members to bring guests on their packages.
• You will, however, still be able to invite friends to come along with you through our Friend Referral Program.

•Package extension requests are reviewed on a case by case basis, only with valid medical
certification provided.
• Packages that are shared cannot be extended under any circumstance.

• The membership application is the exclusive right of being our member, it cannot be transferred or changed to any other person.
• The package which you already purchased cannot in whatsoever case be refunded neither in
part or in full.
• All packages purchased cannot be changed to any other type of packages.

• Members have to sign for utilizing the services and Studio at Front Desk every time.
• Absolute does not allow members or guests to drink intoxicant or alcoholic beverages, take
narcotics before entering or bringing such items into the Studio.
• Absolute does not allow the member to enter or use the Studio if such person has a symptom of pestilence or contagious/communicable disease.
• We reserve the right not to allow the staff or agents of the competitors’ companies to use our
services and Studio and to deny entry for the above-mentioned regulations.

• Absolute reserves the right to change the class schedule, and timings.
• Absolute reserves the right to close whether the whole or a part of the Studio for improvement or renovation or have any other reason to temporarily close the Studio, members agree not to claim for any compensation or damages or any other replacement in kind.

•Any lockers not cleared at the end of the day will be considered a security risk and we reserve
the right to open and clear the contents of the locker.
• Absolute will not be liable nor responsible for any loss or theft or damages of any items left in
lockers and/or our premises.
• Members are expected to use the services of the studio tidily and responsibly when using
accessories such as equipment, towels, hair dryers, shower cubicles and lavatory.
• Member who tries to take the Company’s property out of the Studio may have their membership terminated and we reserve the right to initiate legal proceedings in the civil court or criminal court.

• Members are expected to co-operate and behave in a polite manner when utilizing the services
in all branches of Absolute.
• Our instructors have the authority to stop any member from participating in class if it is considered that it may cause injury or harm to the member or those in attendance. Members would then have to comply with the instructor’s instructions.
• We reserve the right to ask any member who does not comply with our rules and regulations to
leave the studio immediately.

• As of 1 January 2019, we will no longer be responding to messages via staff’s personal Whatsapp. This includes help requests related to packages, bookings and studio operations.


I acknowledge that utilization of services of the Company by participating in any sport or physical activity may result in accident or injury. In this regard, I hereby agree to accept all the risks arising connection with participating in such sports or exercises of the Company. I confirm that I am in good health and suffer from no disease or congenital disease which would prevent me from utilization of services and I hereby declare that I do not concealed any information regarding congenital disease or health from the Company which would result in refusal of my membership. I acknowledge that the Studio does not provide medical or nursing services including medical diagnosis for any physical conditions. Further, I acknowledge that exercising and usage of all equipment, Studio, including lockers provided by the Company may result in risk or danger. Therefore, by this membership application, I agree to accept all the risks and agree that Absolute You SG Pte Ltd of Companies (the “Company”), by their shareholders, authorized directors, representatives and employees shall not be liable for my injury, illness, death or damages of my property which may be directly or indirectly arisen from utilization of services at every studio of Absolute You SG Pte Ltd & Absolute Cycle SG Pte Ltd at all locations (the “Studio”).