Jamie fell in love with Rhythm cycling from the moment she clipped in for her first class. She had been dancing off the bike since the age of 3 and danced professionally in LA for 10 years. While dancing in LA she found her calling to instruct rhythm cycling. The sense of community, passion and inspiration in the room was empowering and contagious. She wanted to give back to the world through fitness, the beat and feeling completely vulnerable and open on the bike. Absolute is so much more than a fun workout, it inspires you, it drives you and it makes you want to continuously grow.


Jamie Drew


Favorite Move on the bike

Tap Back Pushes

Favorite artist

This is hard! Too many to choose BUT all time faves: Linkin Park and Ellie Goulding

Guilty Pleasure

Game of Thrones. But I don’t even feel bad about it haha

What I teach