Fay Fay


Here’s a little secret – I’m terrible at cycling outdoors. I used to rollerblade when I was younger so never really got into cycling. However after my first indoor cycling class in 2015, I was hooked. I discovered I can get the same rush I used to get dancing at a party, only on a bike without the subsequent hangover!


Fay Hokulani


Favorite Move on the bike

Join my class and I’ll show you the ‘Fay Sway’ – sexiest move you can do the bike next to a Tap Back!

Favorite artist

Gwen Stefani. The first CD I bought has always been my favorite… No Doubt’s ‘Tragic Kingdom’.

Guilty Pleasure

Gai tod (Thai fried chicken)! And anything with matcha for dessert.

What I teach

Cycling and I’m also a personal trainer (circuit/weight training, boot camp and yoga).