Fay Fay and her healthy routines

Today we had a fun chat with Fay Fay, Absolute Cycle star instructor from. Fay shared some of her personal routines/tips for staying strong and active throughout the week and refocusing as a new one begins.

What does the beginning of a new week mean to you?

A clean slate, a fresh start. We sometimes get carried away on weekends eating out with friends or having a drink to take the edge off a stressful week. Hey, that’s life! You’ve got to live a little and feed your soul…(that’s what I like to say when I’m having ice-cream). So come Monday, it’s back to zero. No guilt, no more bad habits to carry on. What matters is what’s ahead of you. Start the day right with breakfast.

Do you have any tips or a personal motivation to say 'Yes' to every Monday?

Spend your Sundays planning the week ahead so there’s something to look forward to. Book your classes for the week and get a friend to go with you. Take charge of your schedule and manage it like a boss!

What is your routine to keep yourself active and energized through the day?

Training in the morning and getting a bit of sunshine is the ultimate way for me to feel energized. I’m a morning person so I like get on with my day when the sun rises. I’ll start my day with a tall glass of warm lemon water and cayenne pepper. The spicy citrus mix certainly helps to wake me up as I don’t drink coffee. Then I’ll prepare oatmeal with fresh fruits for breakfast. I always make sure to eat within thirty minutes upon waking up and a small bite every two to three hours to boost my metabolism. A green smoothie is the perfect of spinach, cucumber, kale, mango, and pineapple is a perfect mid-day snack to pick me up. Absolute Fitfood is great when I’m on the go.

What are the fun things you usually do on your day off?

My love for fitness is as strong as my love for food. It’s all about balance and eating in moderation! There are so many great restaurants and small cafes to discover in Bangkok, and I’m loving it. Thai food is actually my favorite cuisine as I have a high tolerance for spicy food. Sometimes I carry a small container of chopped Thai chili. Ketchup or chili sauce doesn’t cut it for me!
I like to pamper my taste buds with great food, explore new places, and spending time in nature. A relaxing day for me would be chilling by the pool with a glass of red wine and either a magazine or a good book.

Can you give us your advice for people to stay energized, awake, motivated at work?

Food is fuel so it’s important to start the day right with breakfast. If you skip breakfast you’re more likely to binge at lunch time or snack during the day. Keep a big bottle of water at your desk to remind yourself to hydrate throughout the day. Sometimes dehydration can make you think you’re hungry – so drink some water before reaching for a snack!

I believe in the 50/10 rule, something I learned in school. An effective way to stay energized, productive and not feel overwhelmed with stress is to focus on your work tasks for 50 minutes and take 10-minute breaks. Take a moment to stretch, close your eyes, breathe deeply, walk around the office or talk to your colleagues. (Use a timer if you need help staying disciplined.) It’s the little things like taking time for yourself that can make a big difference in your day!

Fay: Music is the source of my inspiration and I love to dance even though I don’t have a professional background in either one of them. After my first cycling class, I was hooked. I thought it was a great way to combine fitness, dance, and music. I knew right away that I want to teach cycling.

Originally from Singapore, Fay is now a rhythm cycling instructor exclusively at Absolute Cycle. To see what Fay is up to, check her blog at withlovefay.com that charts her personal fitness journey since 2008. She focuses on her passions, ranging from motivational fitness and beauty advice to practical tips on food, nutrition, and general wellness. Fay is also a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and Adidas ambassador.

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Get to know Roy's story

Here’s how Absolute Cycle Member Roy, got riding and shredded 20KG!

It all started with the realization I was jeopardizing my health with barely any exercise and my body and mind started to show signs of trouble. I didn’t want to burden my ill health on my family in the near future. So, last year, I took care of my diet and most importantly, started to exercise regularly.

My wife Hunny (Cholaphansa Narula), persuaded me to join the cycling class at Absolute Cycle at The Commons. She has been a regular at Absolute You for many years and has been going to their rhythm cycling classes in addition to the many other exercises they have.

I had the impression that rhythm cycling is casual play but that was not the case on my first ride. It was the most exhausting 45 minutes that I could remember, almost breathless all the time, my heart pounding so much that I thought I would drop dead there!

But, I had made the commitment to my health and I kept coming back for more rides and it was the same exhausting feeling, but I felt stronger after each class. After a while, I was able to cope with the class routines and started to enjoy it.

The group riding with great motivational coaching and the great instructors gives me the extra willpower apart from the engaging music and energetic lighting moods. The variety of moves on the ride using many body parts makes each class challenging and fun and keeps me coming back!

The class has had a positive effect on my well-being. Now I feel much more energetic and much healthier physically and mentally than I ever was… for a long time. I have shredded almost 20 kilos since joining and most of my ill health signs have improved!

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